Sunday, May 13, 2007

JO A Knick?

But sources say O'Neal already has told the Pacers he wants to be traded to the Knicks and former Pacers coach and close friend Isiah Thomas. Would the Pacers take Stephon Marbury or maybe a package with Steve Francis, Jared Jeffries and Channing Frye and the Bulls' first-round pick, which the Knicks own in the swap?

I would definitly do JO for Francis, Jeffries, Frye and the Bulls first. I would do JO for Starbury too. This team needs a leader and its pretty clear Eddy Curry isn't it. He is the same guy that shut it down after Zeke got a contract extension last year. Plus, I don't think Stephon Marbury will ever lead a team to do anything in the playoffs, ever. He is just a selfish shoot first point guar with a big contract and a bad attitude. JO has been to the playoffs. He has had success in the playoffs and he could lead this team.

Smith brought up another interesting point in the article. He posed the question if you were the Mavs or the Wolves, would you swap KG for Dirk?

If I'm the Mavs, I do it. Dirk will never take that team anywhere. He has already had his best chance to win a title (last year), I doubt he gets there again. I think they need to blow that team up, if that means trading Dirk, then so be it.

If I'm the Wolves, I have to seriously consider it. Think about it, you have the best rebounder in all of basketball and you can't make the playoffs for three years in a row. I don't put all of that on KG, but Dirk doesn't have that much more help in Dallas (Josh Howard and nobody who can get him the ball) and he would never miss the playoffs three years in a row over there.