Sunday, May 13, 2007

MaKnick Depression

I have Knicks basketball pegged right at the sad state that they are in and have no chance of coming out of until after the 08-09 season (the next year that we aren’t in salary cap hell, thanks Isiah). That’s what really sucks, there is no future for this team because we have to wait until these contracts come off the books (some of them Layden, some of them Zeke).
Anyway, let me get to this year’s roster.

Everyone in New York seems enamored with Eddy Curry, which I think is absolutely ridiculous because he is so one-dimensional. Great, he can score. Now, will you explain to me how Malik Rose out-rebounds him night in and night out while playing about 15-20 minutes less? Or how Francis and Nate Robinson out-rebounded Curry against Portland two weeks ago? They’re guards, Eddy! C’mon! Grab a board and play some defense.

They still don’t have a point guard who looks for other players. Not one. Marbury, Francis, Crawford and Nate are all shoot-first point guards. It’s the dumbest strategy ever. Marbury leads the team in assists with 5.4 a game. That’s a freaking joke. They passed on Marcus Williams in the draft for Renaldo Balkman (who I like, but Zeke could’ve gotten him with the other first rounder we had).

Losing out put the Knicks at a putrid 33-49 record (yeah, it’s better than last year, but last year was the worst year EVER!). Some of the young players are making strides, but the best thing about a 50-loss season is a good draft pick. It has been well documented that this team doesn’t have its draft pick. That’s why watching them lose 12 of their last 15 (right when Dolan extended Zeke…AHHHH!) has been so farking painful.

Yes, the Knicks had injuries. A lot of injuries (Crawford, Lee, Q, now Marbury and Balkman). But, the recent collapse started right when Dolan extended Zeke and they are making it harder and harder for me to believe that the extension didn’t have anything to do with the collapse. Maybe it was because of injuries, maybe it was because the team isn’t that good in the first place and maybe just maybe it was because they let up when Dolan extended Zeke. Whatever the cause (it doesn’t matter anymore) it was a joke to lose 12 of 15 in a playoff race, especially in this Eastern Conference, the worst league in any sport in my lifetime.

The last thing I would like to mention is that this was not only a bad season for the Knicks, this was a disgrace to the game of basketball. The Knicks are what I hate. They are Bret Petway. They act like a bunch of thugs. The brawl at the Garden against Denver was really the most despicable thing I’ve ever witnessed on a basketball court. Zeke went John Caney on the Nuggets. It was a disgrace.

Then the most recent debacle of mailing it in against the Chicago Bulls and then getting mad when they ran up the score for some Big Macs. Look, if you don’t like getting the score run up on you, then why don’t you go out there and play some inspired basketball for a change? Steve Francis, Nate Robinson and the rest of these clowns have no reason to say anything when you constantly mail it in. The slogan for the year shouldn’t be ‘get me a roll of stamps.’
Anyway, we’ll end on me dreaming of greener pastures.

Just the other day I listened to Grizzlies GM Jerry West talk basketball with’s Chad Ford. You could just sense that he has a plan and knows exactly what he’s doing. Just a year ago he won 49 games in the Western Conference with the damn GRIZZLIES!!! West’s contract runs out in June and if I owned the Knicks I would hire him in a heartbeat. But, there is no quick fix with the Knicks cap situation and that is what makes this whole situation so frustrating. The Knicks are years away from doing anything. Other teams are a few moves away or a few months away with the draft coming; the Knicks are years. That is an absolute killer.

Anyway, screw this season. I’m just going to wait for June and the most exciting phrase in all of sports “The New York Knicks are on the clock.” I swear if they draft some European nobody’s ever heard of, I will….

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