Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Links

Okay, we'll hit some random thoughts to start out and then we'll get to a few links.

  • Entourage has officially jumped the shark. The writers screwed up big time. This entire season has been a waste. All of the episodes with the chick agent were awful and last night's episode was a must for the plot but was still very boring and un-funny. By the way, how does Vince have 5 million dollars laying around his house to buy that script? He's done one big movie and he spent all that money on his house, cars and Turtle's shoes. It's dumb already, but don't get unrealistic now. I don't care that Kramer was able to live in an apartment in NY for 10+ years with working because he was funny and the Seinfeld was great, but it doesn't fly when the show sucks.

  • Sopranos was huge last night. It is pretty obvious T is losing it. He kills Chris, goes to Vegas, takes payote (???) and gets on a hot streak in the casinos. T is losing it. 3 episodes left.

  • 24 is on tonight, I'll TiVo it and watch it tomarrow because of the Suns-Spurs game, which could be the last important game of the playoffs if the Suns lose (down 3-1, they are done and the Spurs will win it all like I predicted in my preview before the year). More on this game later.

  • My 24 theory is that Josh Bauer is Jack's son. They have already illuded to how Graham's wife liked Jack before and I have a feeling that is his kid. Plus, Audrey is damaged goods at this point and Heller said he can't see her anymore. She and Jack are done. Anyway, Jack's dad is going to give the Chinese intelligence for Josh and I think Jack will intervene and the reason will be because it's his son.

  • Okay, let's get to sports.

  • Sekou Smith wrote a great blog about Deron Williams and how the Hawks took Marvin Williams over him.

  • Peter Gammons says A-Rod has no worries.

  • I Heart KG had a great link to the New York Post's Marc Berman, who says JO didn't ask for a trade to the Knicks and that Isiah is looking at Pau Gasol, KG and Vince Carter. I don't see anyway Zeke could get any of the three because the Knicks don't have the cap space for VC (lol, we don't have cap space until '09) and it's hard for me to believe that we have the assets for Pau or KG. Would they really take Frye, Francis, Nate and Chicago's 1st for KG or Pau? We'll see.

  • Chad Ford's Draft Blog (Insider).

  • This Mock Draft has the Knicks taking Jason Smith from Colorado St. WHO THE HELL IS THAT??!?!?!?!

  • How Bruce Bowen doesn't get any punishment for anything is beyond me. He is a dirty player and I agree with Amare, the Spurs are a dirty team.

  • True Hoop on the Bowen suff and the toughness needed for winning playoff

  • Golden State of Mind reserved after Game 4 loss. I guess you can't get outrebounded by a ton, miss 33 threes and shoot 62% from the free throw line and still win a playoff game. All I can say is Utah better win Game 5 and end this thing or else Oracle Arena will go crazy for Game 6 in Oakland and this series will go seven if they don't win Tuesday and anything can happen in a Game 7, especially with this Warriors team that can put on a show from beyond the arc.

  • Desipio returns and gives us a good bball column.

  • Blog-A-Bull angry after a win.

  • Celtic's Blog with Links of their own.

  • We go to deadspin for out Spurs-Suns link. They bring up the point I brought up earlier, if Phoenix loses, then there won't be any good series' for the rest of the playoffs. Think about it, the Suns donw 3-1 are done. If it's 2-2 going back to Phoenix, it's a series. But, if it's 3-1, what is going to be a good series? Detroit-Cleveland? No, unless LeBron gets all the calls. Spurs-Jazz? No, the Jazz are boring. Spurs-Pistons? Yes, but that's it. I think the NBA needs to reseed, so we get Suns-Spurs in the WCF, not the semis.

  • One Nets-Cavs note, I pick the Cavs to win in Jersey and go up 3-1, no reason to watch.

Alright, have a great Monday!


Mark the Shark said...

Knicks Suck.
Check this out.

A good look at the failing franchise

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